Women for Ben

“Ben Allen's deep roots in the community, his evident leadership skills, and ability to seek common-sense solutions to any problem make him the most qualified candidate. For these reasons, I recommend Ben and support his candidacy for California's 26th State Senate District.”

-U.S. Congresswoman Grace Napolitano

“Because I care deeply about the community that I have represented for over 40 years, I want the most qualified individual to represent this community in the State Senate – that candidate is Ben Allen. Ben’s local roots and extensive experience working in California’s public education system qualify him to represent our diverse Senate District. I look forward to seeing Ben champion civil rights and improve the access to quality public education for all Californians as our next State Senator. I am ready to pass on the torch to him.”

-Former Congresswoman and Los Angeles County Supervisor Yvonne Burke

“As an educator and an advocate for environmental protection and gender equality, I understand the heart and passion it takes to fight for a cause. Not only is Ben passionate about public service and protecting and preserving our environment, but he also has the necessary experience and leadership qualities to implement and execute his beliefs. As a Regent for the University of California, Ben's efforts to implement sustainability measures echo my championing of more sustainable buildings in the Los Angeles Community College District. I am confident that Ben Allen will be an effective and capable legislator in Sacramento, and I am happy to endorse him as the next State Senator for District 26. ”

-Nancy Pearlman, Los Angeles Community College District Board Trustee

“I chose to endorse a candidate who will build alliances in our polarized political system, someone who will walk across the aisle to pass legislation needed to improve the lives of families in our district, like a more robust Film/Television Tax Credit and universal preschool. My endorsement is a natural progression of the commonality of our policy positions. Over the course of the campaign it became clear that Mr. Allen was genuinely concerned with the day-to- day problems of the hard-working families in our district. Ben Allen shares my values and vision for the district moving forward. ”

-Barbi Appelquist, Former State Senate District 26 Candidate

“Ben is running for the same reasons I initially chose to run. He cares deeply about this district, his home. He is passionate about improving education for all students and he understands the issues that impact our district on a daily basis. His depth of knowledge is impressive. Time after time, Ben has demonstrated his intelligence and leadership. I relate to Ben as a former school board member and his perspective is invaluable. He is a local leader with a global vision. ”

-Amy Howorth, Manhattan Beach Mayor

“Ben’s wide range of support from women, men, and many local elected leaders speaks to his ability to reach out to everyone and bring people together on issues impacting all residents, such as protecting our coastline, our schools, improving infrastructure and promoting economic opportunities for all. Ben’s knowledge of the district combined with his experience as an educator, attorney and community leader make him the best choice to serve as our next State Senator. ”

-Nanette Barragan, Hermosa Beach Mayor Pro Tempore

“Ben brings practical, sound reasoning, and keen business sense, something sorely needed in our State Legislature. We need someone with the ability to evaluate the complexities facing our state, bring solutions to the forefront, and serve as a leader in getting consensus, so we can improve our current business climate. He will bring a fresh perspective that is also grounded with reality, having served six years as a School Board Member. I feel confident that he looks to the future, knowing that we need California to be on a strong footing for future generations.”

-Carolyn Petty, Hermosa Beach Councilmember

“Ben is a genuine candidate who has been resolute in devising practical solutions to improving the quality of life for all residents within his home District. His dedicated years as a public servant coupled with his wealth of experience in balancing budgets have provided us with better access to quality education, a cleaner environment, a stronger local economy, and safer neighborhoods. I support his fresh outlook on the future of our District, and know that he will continue to be responsive to our needs as he works towards ensuring our best interests are protected as our next State Senator.”

-Karen Nowicki, Hermosa Beach City Treasurer

“I am endorsing Ben Allen, because I have served on the School Board with him and seen the leadership qualities that he exhibits when faced with challenges and difficulties. He is open to innovative solutions and has been able to overcome the toughest hurdles that the School Board faces, including the financial crisis in 2008. His extensive understanding in budget and financial oversight makes him the most qualified candidate in the race. I look forward to continue working with him on education policies, when he becomes our next State Senator."

-Laurie Lieberman, Member, Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District Board of Education

“Education is very important to me as a former member of the CA State Board of Education. From bringing the Sparks apprenticeship program to Los Angeles to his work on the Santa Monica-Malibu school board advocating enrichment programs for students of various backgrounds, Ben Allen has demonstrated leadership in this area. He even teaches Education Law at UCLA Law School. As the student member on the UC board of Regents, Ben wrote a sustainability measure that improved the University’s green building practices. He has shown that he can build coalitions to accomplish legislative goals. I am happy to endorse Ben Allen for State Senate. ”

-Lenore Wax, Former CA State Board of Education Member

“My decision to support to Ben Allen did not come lightly. As a woman and a mother I want to see more women in elected office so future generations of young girls can aspire to achieve more. Ben has proven himself to be the most qualified candidate in this race and I know that he’ll be a strong advocate for women, girls and families in our district and in Sacramento.”

-Diane Wallace

“Ben Allen is a progressive grassroots activist who has worked side-by-side with constituents on environmental, social and economic justice issues for over a decade. As a School Board member and Santa Monica Democratic Club Board Member, Ben has showed continued leadership on a myriad of progressive and community based issues and projects. Born and raised in the district, he is the best candidate to represent and meet the challenges of the 26th Senate District. ”

-Susie Shannon, Executive Board, California Democratic Party*

“Ben Allen served with me as one of 12 delegates to to California Democratic Party for the 41st Assembly District for several years. We had the opportunity to discuss and debate a variety of progressive issues including universal access to healthcare, environmental and transportation challenges, education and quality of life issues facing our district and state. His intellect, deep sense of integrity and unique ability to identify and propose solutions to complex problems continues to impress and inspire my confidence in his leadership. I strongly believe that Ben is ideally suited to address these challenges, be responsive to all constituents and restore the confidence of our young people in the ability of our government to serve their interests and their futures. ”

-Susan Haskell, Delegate, California Democratic Party*

“You do not have to be a woman to understand women's issues. Ben has always supported equality for women whether in the workplace, in the doctor's office or in access to government services. Women will have no better friend in Sacramento than Ben Allen. ”

-Dorothy Reik, Progressive Democrats of Santa Monica Mountains

“As a woman of color and a mother of 2, it was really important for me to support a candidate that valued the issues that affect me. Ben Allen has been a silent champion for women and families and a record of passing progressive legislation that helps residents from all backgrounds. ”

-Candace Allen Nafissi, Redondo Beach Commissioner

“As an anti-systems of oppression activist/feminist, I support Ben Allen because he will be an advocate for all disenfranchised communities. He has strong roots to local feminists and understands the best ways to support women and marginalized folks in our district. I have experienced this firsthand as he was the only School Board Member to support me in my endeavor to protest against the Westboro Baptist Church and helped me raise $6,000 for GSA Network.”

-Ruhi Bhalla, Former Santa Monica High School Student

“As a professor at a women’s college and contributor to reports on the status of California women, I am keenly aware of the challenges females face in our state. The longevity of Ben’s experience in education, both on the school board and at the UC Regents, demonstrates his deep rooted commitment to advancing women and girls through his policy initiatives. Ben has sought to make attaining an education more accessible, equitable in STEM programs and focused on the health and safety of female students. These are crucial elements to advancing women both politically and economically in California, and this is why I support Ben Allen for Senate.”

-Jackie Filla, Assistant Professor, Mount St. Mary's College

“I am supporting Ben Allen because, at a young age, he has already used his powerful intellectual skills, strong ethical principles, and collaborative personality to serve the state of California. As a UC student regent he persuaded a board of older and powerful people to adopt two resolutions; one was to increase the number of Leed-certified (that is green) buildings on the UC campus, and the other was to institute loan forgiveness to graduates of the UC medical, law, and business schools if they chose public service careers with modest salaries. In 2008 he was elected to the Santa Monica School board just as California was hit by the same financial crisis that swept the whole country. He showed outstanding leadership in saving the most important programs, at times even having to calculate the annual budget for the district before the state budget was signed, and he brought together all the stakeholders in the city to pass a tax increase for the schools. He was elected president of the board, and in 2012 was overwhelmingly elected to a second term by a city that respects and trusts him. ”

-Deborah Kennel

“Ben Allen is exactly the kind of leader we need in Sacramento today: a problem solver who always looks beyond partisan divisions while maintaining his progressive edge. Ben has consistently proven his dedication to improving the quality of our children’s education, combating climate change and creating job opportunities, particularly for our youth. He has also demonstrated a deep understanding of important local issues from improving our transportation systems to rebuilding our infrastructure for the 21st century. He is clearly the best choice for the 26th State Senate District. Let’s send Ben to Sacramento!”

-Ileana Wachtel,Pacific Palisades Mom

“I’ve been friends with Ben since college, and he has always been a feminist. Very few young men at that age demonstrate the same personal concern, grasp of the issues, and real interest in policy solutions relating to feminism (that Ben always did). As someone who works in film & television financing, I have seen countless productions leave the state due to the lack of a competitive tax incentive program in California. Ben has always been a strong supporter of policies that keep business in the state, including the recent improvements to the film & TV tax credit program. This is important not only for the state's long-term fiscal health, but also for the lives of the industry professionals that have made Hollywood their industry center for decades. ”

-Deirdre Owen, Film & Television Workert

“This race is about what our communities need for our local schools, our neighborhood libraries, our community health care centers, not about what someone from New York or D.C. thinks our community needs. Ben understands what we need because he was raised here, attended California schools, voted here, and paid taxes here. He has the chance to fight for our progressive values in Sacramento so that our cities and our state can thrive. ”

-Ashley St. John, Activist

“Ben won first place in the primary because he knows how to build coalitions, of women and men, of progressives and moderates. As a Latina, I was impressed with Ben’s decades long activism to support the advancement of women. Not many people know that between college and law school, he worked in Mexico to help educate and train women to be part of their political process. He continues to help young Latinas with his leadership of SparkLA and I am confident that he will do the same as our State Senator. ”

-Elizabeth Treckler, Marina Del Rey Resident and Attorney

“While I love to see women in office, I am confident that Ben Allen is the best candidate to represent District 26. Born and raised in Santa Monica, Ben knows this district and its needs, and has already proven that he can make a difference here. He is a strong leader with an impressive background, and he cares deeply about women and the issues we face. My grandmother and I are two strong, intelligent women who are working to get Ben Allen into office. ”

-Maya Wax Cavallaro

“I've been fortunate enough to meet some very powerful, inspiration women in politics, and I believe Ben shares their intellect, their values, and their drive. He is a real inspiration to me. Having grown up in the SMMUSD, I benefitted from Ben's leadership on the School Board during the recession. I am grateful to him for my wonderful public school education. ”

-Emma Gardner, Santa Monica High School Graduate