Women & Families

While Ben realizes that ALL issues are women’s issues; he has a long track record of being an activist for women and girls within our local schools, universities and workplaces. Ben has worked tirelessly to advocate for causes that prove critical to the success and advancement women, which is why he is endorsed by female mayors of the cities in the district, females elected to city and school positions, former female candidates for State Senate District 26, female leaders in the Democratic Party and female educators. 


Ben’s Record on Girls in K-12 Education

Ben is committed to equal access to educational and recreational programs for girls in California. Ben is also committed to ensuring that the physical health demands of our female students are met by public schools.

As a local school board member, Ben:

  • Fought for funding for comprehensive reproductive health education, including access to contraception, in our high schools.

  • Promoted Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) opportunities for girls in our classrooms.

  • Lead the expansion of STEM programs for girls into Science, Technology, Engineering ART and Math (STEAM) programs for girls.

  • Helped increase the number of Title IX girls’ athletics programs in our schools, including lacrosse and golf teams for girls.

  • Led the fight to protect and support the LBTQ young women in schools when the Westboro Baptist Church protested outside their classrooms.


As a Board Member of Spark Los Angeles, Ben:

  • Connected hundreds of at-risk girls with life changing apprenticeships in the public and private sectors.

  • Created a network of women mentors in Los Angeles willing to dedicate their time and talent to young girls.


Ben’s Record on College Women

Ben is committed to ensuring that the University of California, California State Universities and California Community Colleges ensure a safe and equitable learning environment for female college students.

As voting member of the University of California Board of Regents, Ben:

  • Led efforts to prevent dating violence and increase awareness of and improved response to sexual assault on UC campuses.

  • Advocated for better support for victims of sexual assault on campus.

  • Protected Title IX guarantees of fairness to women in co-curricular activities.

  • Supported access to female health and reproductive service on California campuses.


At the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs in Mexico, Ben:

  • Encouraged and increased women’s participation in government.


Ben’s Record on Families and Working Mothers

Ben has demonstrated time and again that he is an ally in the fight for women’s rights. Ben has been a champion for working mothers and families.

As a local school board member, Ben:

  • Fought for district-wide access to universal preschool for working families helping to provide for our youngest students quality learning opportunities.

  • Secured district day care for women teachers.


On the record, Ben:

  • Recognized that women’s access to birth control is not her boss’s business and is committed to safeguarding reproductive health care.

  • Advocated for pay equity in the workforce and authored policy recommendations supported by respected legislators to bring transparency and accountability to the issue.

  • Advocated for expanding maternity and paternity leave in our schools and the workforce.


As State Senate District 26, Ben will:

  • Expand public childhood education and afterschool programs to support working families.

  • Protect women’s access to reproductive healthcare, including contraception and abortion, when threatened by the merger of hospitals with religious companies.

  • Build a coalition of male allies to support the advancement of women and girls.

  • Protect women’s freedom of reproductive choice by fighting for mandatory insurance coverage for all types of contraception and reproductive health care needs.

  • Fight to ensure that working families can take maternity, paternity, and family leave and support the expansion of childcare services.

  • Account for rising costs of living when providing welfare to families, as recommended by the California Women’s Caucus.