“As an attorney whose practice focuses on environmental law, I am fully confident that Ben will promote policy that will effectively begin to remedy our environmental concerns. We here in Hermosa Beach know that he’s an exceptional leader capable of representing our district and defending our interests.”

-Hany Fangary, Hermosa Beach Councilmember

“Ben Allen has shown that his priorities are in exactly the right places. His continuous work to provide quality education, his commitment to find practical solutions for important issues, and his unfailing dedication to his constituents make him an excellent choice to represent us in Sacramento, and I can think of no one better qualified to do so. I give my full support to Ben Allen in his race.”

-Former Assemblymember Tony Mendoza

“When it comes to choosing who I want to represent me in the State Senate, I want a candidate who has demonstrated a true commitment to protecting the environment, a candidate with a record of environmental stewardship, and a candidate who will be a leader in the California Legislature when it comes to advancing critical environmental sustainability measures. In the race for the 26th State Senate District, we have that candidate in Ben Allen.”

-Bill Brand, Redondo Beach Councilmember

“Through this campaign, I have gotten to know Ben Allen. His intellect, deep knowledge of local issues, hard work ethic, and integrity combine to make him the best fit to represent our State Senate District. I also trust that he will be a partner to the City of Beverly Hills and look out for our interests in Sacramento.”

-Dr. Willie Brien, Beverly Hills Councilmember

“Ben Allen has demonstrated a critical understanding of local issues as well as the unique issues concerning the South Bay. I believe that his knowledge, his record of fiscal responsibility on the school board, and his experience in local government make him the best choice to represent us in the State Senate.”

-Mark Burton, Hermosa Beach Councilmember

“Ben pursues policies with intellect, purpose, passion and with a strong sense of righteousness. I admire his efforts to engage the public in issues involving underprivileged public school students and his pursuit of programs for the very poor as well as enrichment programs for all students. Ben is the type of leader we need to make headways for education in the State Senate.”

-David Tokofsky, Former LAUSD Board Member

“Ben's passion in advocating for at-risk youths and his dedication to our children's education represents the quality of leadership we need in Sacramento. I'm confident that Ben Allen will continue to work tirelessly to improve our schools as our next State Senator.”

-Steve Zimmer, LAUSD Vice President

“Ben Allen is someone who understands the local needs and concerns of Beverly Hills and is committed to working with us. Many of the same issues that we face in Beverly Hills in terms of planning, transportation, and land use issues are similar to what Santa Monica faces and Ben has always shown a great deal of dedication to Santa Monica as I have to Beverly Hills.”

-Brian Rosenstein, Beverly Hills Planning Commission Chair

“Ben is not only a champion of public education but as a fellow local school board member, he understands the difficulties faced by local schools at the ground level. When local school districts faced massive cuts from Sacramento, Ben stood out as a leader among local school board members in finding creative ways to salvage funding. When it comes to protecting public education funding and serving the needs of students, parents, and teachers, Ben Allen is the best choice for the State Senate.”

-Brian Goldberg, Vice President of Beverly Hills Unified School District Board of Education

“Ben Allen has repeatedly demonstrated a deep understanding of the crucial issues facing local governments in this district. In Sacramento, he will not ignore the local independent cities, like West Hollywood, but instead be a partner and ally as our State Senator. With his public opposition to Proposition 8, his support of on-campus student groups as well as his efforts to ensure that Santa Monica and Malibu schools remain a safe place for all students, Ben has repeatedly stood up for our community. And that’s why I am enthusiastically endorsing him for the State Senate.”

-John Duran, West Hollywood City Councilmember

“Ben is exactly what we need in the State Senate, a smart and pragmatic problem solver. His passion for education, demonstrated by his years of service on a school board and in his teaching at UCLA School of Law, will be a valuable asset for our legislature.”

-Senator Fran Pavley

“I’ve known and worked with Ben for over 20 years. He has selflessly devoted himself to our community. He has the vision, experience, intelligence and temperament to represent us. I wholeheartedly endorse Ben Allen for the State Senate.”

-Los Angeles County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky

“Ben Allen is someone who I greatly respect and admire for his public service. As he has served on the University of California Board of Regents and the Santa Monica – Malibu Unified School Board, I have watched him grow into a true statesman. He represents a new generation of leadership that we so desperately need right now, especially in Sacramento. I am proud to endorse Ben Allen for State Senate.”

-Former Congressman Mel Levine

“In the time I have gotten to know him, I can tell you that Ben Allen is no ordinary political candidate. He is in public service for the right reasons: he truly cares about people and wants to give back to his community. But more importantly, he’s shown the ability, as an elected official, to reach out and creatively build coalitions build in order to accomplish legislative goals. He is steadfastly principled, but willing to compromise for the greater good. That’s what we need in a public servant, and that’s why I am happy to endorse Ben Allen for the State Senate.”

-Former Congressman Howard Berman

”As a member of the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District Board, Ben Allen was able to modernize local schools while making them environmentally friendly, creating thousands of new jobs in the process during one of our State’s lowest economic points. In the State Senate, Allen will be a leader on the environment, education, and protecting jobs.”

-Assemblymember Isadore III

“Ben Allen is the kind of passionate and energetic yet thoughtful leader that we need in the State Senate. I wholeheartedly endorse him and I look forward to working with him in Sacramento.”

-Assemblymember Adrin Nazarian

“Ben Allen is a determined advocate for providing quality public education and protecting our environment. Having worked with him as he served on the school board for many years while I was on the Council, I know from personal experience that Ben has what it takes to be a successful legislator in Sacramento. He knows how to work with others and build the coalitions that are needed to accomplish significant change.”

-Assemblymember Richard Bloom

“With over 17 years as an elected public official, I have a solid understanding of what it takes to be a successful legislator. I know with certainty that Ben possesses the ability to find reasonable solutions to our issues, including working to make higher education accessible to all and continuing his work as a friend of our environment. I have every confidence that Ben Allen will be an effective leader in the State Senate.”

-Assemblymember Steven Bradford

“As an alumnus of the California State University system, I am impressed with Ben Allen’s commitment to restoring funding to public higher education. I am also impressed with his concern for local issues affecting the South Bay. My family and I have lived in the South Bay for over five decades and we care deeply about the region. He is someone who I trust to represent the people of the South Bay and look out for our interests in the State Senate.”

- Former Assemblymember George Nakano

“Over the course of the Senate campaign, I really got to know the other candidates well. I learned not just what they stood for but who they are as individuals. And in this campaign, I'm grateful that I got to know Ben Allen. Throughout this race, he demonstrated integrity, intelligence and a passion for key issues like public education, unemployment, global warming, and a deep knowledge of key local issues. Ben’s also shown himself to be someone who possesses the courage of conviction and yet respect for those who he disagrees with. Because he has the type of character that’s necessary to hold this office, along with his deep lifelong roots in the district and local leadership experience, I trust Ben Allen to represent our district and I am proud to endorse him for the State Senate.”

-Amy Howorth, Mayor of Manhattan Beach

“Ben Allen is a dedicated public servant who will be a leader in Sacramento on critical issues such as education, protecting the environment, and ensuring we have clean and transparent government. Based on his record of serving his community on the School Board, I feel confident that, as a State Senator, Ben Allen will always be responsive to the needs and concerns of Beverly Hills residents.”

-Lili Bosse, Mayor of Beverly Hills

“Ben Allen understands the needs and challenges of local communities better than any other candidate in this race. In this campaign, he’s taken the time to get to know West Hollywood and the challenges that our city continues to face. He’s willing to work with us to find solutions. Whether it is finding sources of funding to bring rail transportation to our city, working to give us more control over our local planning decisions, or helping us increase the supply of affordable housing, West Hollywood will have no better ally representing us than Ben Allen.”

-John Heilman, West Hollywood Mayor Pro Tem.

“Ben Allen has a proven track record as a financial watchdog and policy leader, and he has worked with people from all backgrounds to do what’s right for our neighborhoods. Ben will fight to ensure accountability from government and that's the kind of person we need in the California State Senate. I'm proud to endorse him.”

-Former Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan

“In the California State Senate, Ben Allen will be a champion for battling runaway film and television production. He will also be a fiscal watchdog over our state's budget and help ensure our financial health. That’s why I wholeheartedly endorse him for the State Senate.”

-Los Angeles City Councilmember Paul Krekorian

“Ben Allen is a dedicated public servant and someone who I trust to look out for the constituents of the 26th State Senate District. His creative ideas for Los Angeles’s public transportation system and his willingness to be a relentless advocate for securing funding for transportation projects are exactly what this district needs. But what won me over is that between his work on the Santa Monica – Malibu School Board and leadership on the LA SPARK Program, Ben Allen has proven himself as someone capable of getting the job done.”

-Los Angeles City Councilmember Tom LaBonge

“Having served in the state legislature myself, I know what it takes to be a leader in Sacramento. Between his experience, his energy, his progressivism, and his knowledge of critical issues, Ben Allen possesses all the qualities needed to be a leader. I wholeheartedly endorse Ben Allen for State Senate and look forward to working with him as a partner for Los Angeles.”

-Los Angeles City Councilmember Paul Koretz

“Ben Allen has repeatedly proven that he is a dedicated public servant and he’s someone who I trust on critical statewide issues like the economy, global climate change, and gender equality as well as key local issues like transportation, smart growth, and preserving open space. When it comes to serving to the constituents of the 26th State Senate District, we have no better choice than Allen.”

-Former Los Angeles City Councilmember Cindy Miscikowski

“I am proud to support Ben Allen for the State Senate. Ben is the local community leader with the greatest depth and breadth of knowledge in areas of importance to voters in this district – marriage equality, the environment, education, and will be an exceptional addition to the State Senate,”

-Ari Ruiz, President of the Stone Wall Young Democrats

“Our endorsement of Ben Allen recognizes his leadership, vision and commitment to environmental progress. He will bring broad experience and nuanced technical understanding to taking meaningful action against climate change, habitat degradation, and the host of other environmental issues facing our state. We look forward to partnering with him in the halls of the State Senate to defend California's environment.”

-David Allgood, Political Director for California League of Conservation Voters

“Ben Allen is a true champion of the environment and someone we need in the State Senate. Ben Allen's record of successfully enacting environmental sustainability measures on the UC Board of Regents and on the Santa Monica School Board is evidence that he is someone who environmentalists can not only trust, but can look to as our champion in the State Senate. Whether it is leading the effort in fighting global climate change, reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and transitioning to a clean-energy economy, banning the practice of fracking, or preserving open space in California, Ben Allen will lead in the State Senate on protecting the environment. I wholeheartedly endorse him.”

-R.L. Miller, California Democratic Party Environmental Caucus Chair

“Ben Allen has been a true progressive his entire life and it’s shown both in his record as a public servant and in his campaign for the State Senate. He’s also been a true champion for LGBT Civil Rights. He was just the natural choice for us here at the Stonewall Democratic Club.”

-Stephen David Simon, President of the Stonewall Democratic Club

“Ben Allen’s record on education and his understanding of economic and affordable housing issues made him the clear choice for our club. He has been a dedicated public servant to the Santa Monica community and his commitment to a transparent and honest government, protecting our environment and standing up to special interests is why Ben received our club’s endorsement. He will be the best representative for the 26th Senate District.”

-Jon Katz, Vice President of Political Action for the Santa Monica Democratic Club

“Ben Allen’s experience and passion for the issues we care about made him the clear choice for both the Mid-City and the 26th State Senate District. Ben showed an incredible depth of knowledge on a host of issues critical to our neighborhood, as well as an infectious amount of enthusiasm and energy. The Miracle Mile Democratic Club was excited to support one of its own members to represent us in Sacramento, and we look forward to working hard for Ben's election.”

-Michael Kapp, Miracle Mile Democratic Cub Operations Vice President

“Ben was the obvious choice for our members. Not only does he demonstrate a clear passion for the issues that our members care about, he also has the experience, vision, and drive that actually inspires young voters to participate in the political process.”

-Daniel Lopez, Los Angeles County Young Democrats President

“Ben Allen stands with the hotel workers of Santa Monica, and for that we are proud to endorse him for a third time. As a school board member, Ben has demonstrated an ability to build coalitions and to pass progressive policies, and we are confident that he will continue to do so at the state level.”

-Tom Walsh, President of UNITE HERE Local 11

“Throughout this process, Ben has consistently proven himself to be the more engaged, informed, and able candidate in this race. We in the union look forward to working with him to ensure a golden future for film here in California.”

-Thomas Davis, Local 80’s Business Representative and current International Vice President of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees

”PORAC prides itself on carefully scrutinizing the qualifications of every candidate. Ben Allen will be an excellent representative for our district, especially in regards to the issues involving public safety. As public safety officers, we appreciate Ben's willingness to keep the avenues of communication open and his concerted efforts to seek our input on issues involving public safety and law enforcement. The Peace Officers Research Association of California is proud to endorse Ben Allen's campaign for State Senate in District 26.”

-Michael Durant, President of Peace Officers Research Association of California

“Ben Allen has always shown a commitment to listen to and work with organized labor, especially public sector labor unions. He has consistently demonstrated an understanding of the risks that we firefighters take every day in protecting the public safety. His local leadership in Santa Monica has convinced us that he will be the best fit for the 26th State Senate District.”

-Brad Lomas, President of International Association of Fire Fighters Local 1109

“PPOA is proud to endorse Ben Allen for Senate. Ben cares about the community and will be a strong advocate for public safety. He has the leadership qualities and compassion we need in government to ensure that our neighborhoods are safe for all people.”

-Brian Moriguchi, President of the Professional Peace Officers Association