Jobs & Economy

As an educator and California Public Servant, Ben knows that job creation is a priority for California's government. The success of our education system will ultimately determine the strength of our workforce.  He is active in his local Chamber of Commerce, and has worked closely with business and labor groups to create jobs.

Ben Allen has a proven track record of:

  • Creating clean energy jobs
  • Supporting small business
  • Protecting vocational and technical education in our schools from budget cuts
  • Expanding job-training programs for our youth to prepare them for the jobs of tomorrow
  • Bridging the gap between education and careers.


Connecting Students with the Business Community

Ben led the successful Los Angeles launch of the Spark program, now connecting hundreds of at-risk students with life-changing apprenticeships in both the private and public sectors. Ben also strongly supports the Southern California Regional Occupational Center, a collective endeavor of seven public school districts in the South Bay that provides technical and vocation training for young adults. As our next State Senator, Ben will continue to develop long-term partnerships between business, community organizations, academic institutions, and government by jump-starting tech-training initiatives that provide students with career options and businesses with top California candidates for employment. 

Investing in Our Workforce

Ben is passionate about vocational and technical education and has fought to preserve and protect critical training programs in our schools as a member of the Santa-Monica Malibu School Board. With the constantly evolving demands of technology, workers must receive cutting-edge training in their respective fields so they can continue to meet the demands of a fast-changing world. As our next State Senator, Ben will work to ensure that California produces the most competitive labor force in the country.  

Protecting Critical Industries and Job Growth in California

As our next State Senator, Ben will focus on keeping entertainment jobs in California, investing in high-tech jobs that promote the development and growth of Silicon Beach, and preserving the critical aerospace industry in the South Bay. In particular, Ben is committed to leading an annual delegation of elected leaders from California to Washington, D.C. to highlight how critical the Los Angeles Air Force Base is to the local economy. He also supports the recent successful push to incentivize entertainment production and post-production in Southern California and will work with local businesses to create a friendlier atmosphere for job growth that respects workers, protects our environment, and grows jobs. He knows that small business is the backbone of our local economy, and wants to make it easier for enterprising people to start and grow small businesses. He is supportive of greater incentives for high-quality job producers.

Fighting for a Fairer Economy

Concerned that the recent downturn and cuts have decimated critical safety net programs, Ben supports a restoration of funding to programs critical to fighting poverty and keeping people from destitution.