Infrastructure & Transportation

As someone who grew up in traffic-choked Senate District 26, Ben knows firsthand how poor urban planning and disinvestment from mass transportation negatively impacts our communities in the long run. With the passage of Measure R in 2008, Los Angeles County will receive an influx of funds for long-overdue transportation projects.

In a call for the modernization of the region’s mass-transit system, Ben will leverage California’s dollars in developing a multi-modal transit system so that transportation will no longer take such a toll on Southland lives.

As our next State Senator, Ben will focus on addressing the following issues:

  1. Mass transit - Let’s move LA into the new century with great new rail and bus options to get people around cleanly and efficiently
  2. Addressing traffic congestion
  3. Transit-oriented development
  4. Multi-modal transportation system
  5. Road improvement - Angelenos pay double the national average in car repairs because our roads are in such bad shape!