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06 Dec

Santa Monica Elected Officials Make History

By Jonathan Friedman, Associate Editor, Santa Monica Lookout 

December 5, 2014 – This week, for the first time, two former Santa Monica elected officials took the oath of office at the State Capitol in Sacramento. 

On Monday, Ben Allen began his first term as senator and Richard Bloom started his second term in the Assembly. 


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06 Dec

Ben Allen One of Ten New State Senators Sworn into Office

by: Brenton Garen, Editor-in-Chief, Santa Monica Mirror

Santa Monica native Ben Allen was sworn into office at the State Capitol in Sacramento on Monday as part of the first day of the 2015-2016 Legislative Session.

The 36-year-old was elected to represent the 26th Senate District with an overwhelming majority on Nov. 4, replacing recently elected U.S. Congressman Ted Liu.

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29 Oct

Testimonials from Friends and Neighbors

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26 Oct

State Senate Candidate Receives Catalina Endorsements

By: Avalon Bay News

In Mid-September, Ben Allen became the first State Senate candidate to visit Catalina this election cycle. The top vote-getter in the primary, Ben is running for District 26 State Senate seat in the general election on November 4, 2014.

During his visit, Ben met with Mayor Ann Marshall, Mayor Pro Tempore Oley Olsen, and Councilmember Joe Sampson, and got the endorsement of these elected officials.

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25 Oct

Ben Allen Column on Santa Monica Observer

By: Ben Allen, Candidate for California State Senate District 26

On November 4th, voters will head to the polls and face critical choices that impact both the future of our State and our community here in Santa Monica. 

Local voters will determine who will fill the shoes of long-time political titans L.A. County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky and U.S. Congressman Henry Waxman, and who will take over the scandal-ridden positions of L.A. County Assessor and Sheriff. A major water bond proposal is also on the ballot, as well as one to improve the funding for parks in L.A. County. Here in Santa Monica, voters will make decisions about the future of our airport, taxes on property sales and support for affordable housing.

Our voters will also face a big decision over who will represent our community in the State Senate – and they will see my name as a choice.

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10 Oct

Venice Absentee Voter Supports Ben Allen

Jessica Garza of Venice mailed in her absentee ballot today.  Having moved one year ago from Texas, she is voting in California for the first time. If you have received an absentee ballot in your mailbox, please remember to mail in your vote. Remember, your vote is extremely valuable to us!

Thank you for your support, Jessica!


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09 Oct

Ben Allen for California Senate District 26: Endorsement

By: Daily Breeze

It’s a testament to the liberal-leaning and affluent coastal California Senate District 26 that both candidates, Ben Allen and Sandra Fluke, are bright, young and promising aspiring legislators, already stars in their own right.

But it’s the focus on the district that gives Ben Allen the edge. This editorial board endorses Allen for the 26th Senate District.

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08 Oct


Ben Allen, a lead candidate for the California State Senate and long time advocate for education system advancement, speaks with GrowthCap CEO, RJ Lumba. Ben shares his insights on how education is evolving and the challenges and opportunities of integrating technology into the system.

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02 Oct

Ben Allen Democrat

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02 Oct

Ben Allen on Entertainment

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