Environmental Leaders

“Our endorsement of Ben Allen recognizes his leadership, vision and commitment to environmental progress. He will bring broad experience and nuanced technical understanding to taking meaningful action against climate change, habitat degradation, and the host of other environmental issues facing our state. We look forward to partnering with him in the halls of the State Senate to defend California's environment.”

-David Allgood, Political Director, California League of Conservation Voters

“Ben Allen is dedicated to California and its environment. He understands that Californians need clean air, clean water, and protected natural areas. We are pleased to support Ben Allen for State Senate.”

-Kathryn Phillips, Director, Sierra Club California

“Ben has delivered environmental results in our schools and is uniquely qualified to restore public confidence in decision making. As a community activist, Ben has shown the leadership and dedication needed to address serious environmental problems such as water quality, air pollution and transportation. I am confident that Ben will continue his leadership in making California’s resources sustainable and our cities more livable.”

-Jim Kennedy, Board of Directors, Los Angeles League of Conservation Voters*

“Ben is clearly the more well-rounded candidate on issues important to the Westside and Southbay, and his natural ability to connect with everyday Californians. But Ben particularly has my support because I trust him to lead us toward a clean energy future and a sustainable California. Ben will always stand up to protect Santa Monica Bay and our District’s precious marine and coastal areas, from Point Dume to the PV Peninsula. Our precious environment needs Ben Allen in Sacramento!”

-Todd Flora, Board of Directors, Heal the Bay*

“As an educator and an advocate for environmental protection and gender equality, I understand the heart and passion it takes to fight for a cause. Not only is Ben passionate about public service and protecting and preserving our environment, but he also has the necessary experience and leadership qualities to implement and execute his beliefs. As a Regent for the University of California, Ben's efforts to implement sustainability measures echo my championing of more sustainable buildings in the Los Angeles Community College District. I am confident that Ben Allen will be an effective and capable legislator in Sacramento, and I am happy to endorse him as the next State Senator for District 26. ”

-Nancy Pearlman, Los Angeles Community College District Board Trustee

“Over the past decades, California has become a world leader on issues of pollution, climate, and sustainability. Now, as issues of conservation come to a head across our state and across the world, our state needs committed environmentalists who can see beyong the individual causes to put together the big picture. Ben Allen is this kind of legislator. His immense technical accumen, honed by years of complex public service on the UC Board of Regents, in Congress, at the UN, and on the Santa Monica-Malibu School Board, gives him the ability to connect the dots and solve the root causes, not just the symptoms, of today's most pressing environmental problems. Ben is the only candidate in this race who can bring this next level of conservation leadership to the State Senate, and we need him desperately if we are to continue to lead the world in saving it.”

-Thomas Wong, Board of Directors, San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District

“Ben's not just another greenwashing politician: His long personal history in this district, hiking in the Santa Monica Mountains, fighting for the environmental causes he believes in, means that he's in this for the long haul. He won't let critical environmental issues rest until he's satisfied that they've been comprehensively and responsibly solved, and he'll never, ever settle for political expediency. I'm proud to endorse such a genuine environmental warrior for State Senate.”

-Alex See, Commissioner, City of Torrance Water Commission

“When I vote, I seek a candidate who may be trusted, is deeply knowledgeable about environmental sustainability issues, and who works hard every single day, on the issues that define our children’s future. That candidate is Ben Allen, the brightest star in a very bright constellation of candidates for the 26th district. I am especially confident of his ability to lead on issues related to energy, water, and environmental education. These complex matters will require innovative multi-sector solutions that cross-traditional organizational boundaries. Ben has the ability and sophistication to lead our district and our state for the 21st century.”

-Kurt Holland, Project Lead, Ocean, Coastal Zone, and Climate Literacy at Broader Impacts West*

“Ben's dedication to protecting and conserving our environment is clear, and this commitment has been a driving force in his life-long effort to preserve the district's last remaining open spaces. Even long before Ben was an elected official with a public voice, he has been fighting on behalf of some of the district's most complex environmental challenges, including climate change, wildlife preservation, air quality, and wetland restoration. Ben's commitment to tackling these issues, while fairly balancing important public health and social considerations, is why I trust him to represent this district in the State Senate.”

-Daniel Freedman, Founding Executive Board Member, Los Angeles Sustainability Collaborative*