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A Record of Defending the Environment Mailer (PDF) 

Democrats for Ben Mailer 1 (PDF)

Democrats for Ben Mailer 2 (PDF)

Vote Democratic, Vote Ben Allen (PDF)

Ben for Entertainment Mailer (PDF)

Ben on LGBTQ Rights (PDF)

Ben on Public Safety (PDF)

Ben Allen on Infrastructure (PDF)

Ben Puts a SPARK in Education! (PDF)

Ben for the Arts (PDF)

Ben Allen, Balancing Budgets (PDF)

Ben Allen, Training Tomorrow's Workers (PDF)

Join the Ben Allen Team! (PDF)



Manhattan Beach Leaders for Ben (PDF)

Hermosa Beach Leaders for Ben (PDF)

Beverly Hills for Ben (PDF)

Avalon Leaders for Ben (PDF)

Hollywood's Choice for State Senate (PDF)

A Vote for Ben Allen is a Vote for West Hollywood (PDF)

Torrance Leaders Support Ben Allen (PDF)



Ben Allen Bio with Chinese Translation (PDF)

Ben Allen on Business One-Pager (PDF)

Ben Allen on Environment One-Pager (PDF)

Ben Allen on Fiscal Responsibility One-Pager (PDF)

Ben Allen on Public Safety One-Pager (PDF)

Ben Allen on Supporting Women and Families (PDF)

Ben Allen on Boy Scouts (PDF)


Women Voters for Ben Allen

Women for Ben 1 (PDF) 

Women for Ben 2 (PDF)

Women for Ben 3 (PDF)

Women for Ben 4 (PDF)

Women for Ben 5 (PDF)

Women for Ben 6 (PDF)

Women for Ben 7 (PDF)

Women for Ben 8 (PDF)

Women for Ben 9 (PDF)

Women for Ben Endorsers (PDF)



Daily News (PDF)



Cover Photos

Women Voters for Ben Allen Cover Photo

Vote for Ben Allen on November 4th

Ben Allen for California State Senate District 26

I Support Ben Allen for State Senate

UCLA Bruins for Ben

Santa Monica High School for Ben 


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Ben Allen for California State Senate



Ben Allen GOTV Schedule (PDF)

Ben Allen GOTV Schedule II (PDF)


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