Community Leaders

“After an extensive selection process, the LAPPL Board of Directors is proud to endorse Ben Allen for State Senate. In addition to Ben’s commitment to affordable education and sustainable job creation, his pledge for public safety and a safe environment for all of us will be among his highest priorities. We look forward to a long and positive partnership.”

-Tyler Izen, President, Los Angeles Police Protective League

“PPOA is proud to endorse Ben Allen for Senate. Ben cares about the community and will be a strong advocate for public safety. He has the leadership qualities and compassion we need in government to ensure that our neighborhoods are safe for all people.”

-Brian Moriguchi, President, Professional Peace Officers' Association

“The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 11 is proud to endorse Ben Allen. Ben is a proven advocate for working people, whose leadership on issues important to our membership has resulted in victories for the residents in both District 26 and the surrounding areas. We look forward to working with Mr. Allen and will work to see that he becomes our voice in Sacramento to further his commitment of advocacy for all Californians.”

-Antonio Sanchez, Political Director, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 11

“[W]e are encouraged by [Ben's] pursuit of fairness and truth and that the creation of good, quality jobs will remain a priority focus for [him] in representing the interest of our communities, our Union, and all working women, men, and families…. [W]e take seriously [Ben's] commitment to these issues that are critical to our Union and our members and to this end we look forward to assisting [Ben's] campaign and working with [him] in progressing our mutual goals in the future.”

-Rocco Davis, General Executive Board, Laborers' International Union of North America Pacific Southwest Region

“A school board member, a university professor, and a progressive activist, Ben Allen will bring a passionate voice and a deep policy acumen to Sacramento. Growing up right here in the district, working alongside great legislators like Henry Waxman and Zev Yaroslavsky, Ben Allen knows how to get things done. With a long and positive record of fighting for affordable education, protecting the environment, and creating good jobs, Ben Allen is the only candidate in this race with a history of working within our communities in order to improve the lives of every Californian.”

-Michael Kapp, Vice President, Democrats for Israel; Operations Vice President, Miracle Mile Democratic Club

“Stonewall Young Democrats are proud to stand with Ben Allen for State Senate and we will do everything we can to help elect him. He is the only candidate with a history of being at the forefront of advancing the rights and dignity of the local LGBT community. Ben has impressed us with his credentials and commitment to his district from West Hollywood to Rancho Palos Verdes. He is prepared to handle the challenges our state faces with intelligence, tenacity, and a wonderful sense of value.”

-Ari Ruiz, President, Stonewall Young Democrats

“The Southern California Armenian Democrats are pleased to announce our endorsement of Ben Allen in his run for the Senate. We are confident that Ben will be a wonderful, progressive State Senator. Ben will be best attuned to guide California policy on matters that concern Armenian-Americans.”

-Dr. Armond Aghakhanian, President of Southern California Armenian Democrats

“Ben Allen’s vision for California and the 26th State Senate District, his knowledge of facts and issues, his experience, and his true passion for education, environmental, and economic issues made him an easy choice for the Pacific Palisades Democratic Club.”

-Susan Haskell, Board of Directors, Pacific Palisades Democratic Club

“Ben Allen has a proven track record of leadership in the 26th Senatorial District. He knows how government works on the state and local level and he knows what this district wants and needs for its citizens. His integrity, honesty and good will are known to all who have worked with him. Ben Allen is the real deal.”

-Dorothy Reik, Progressive Democrats of Santa Monica Mountains Club

“As an observant SMMUSD science teacher with an interest in educational policy, I have been impressed over the last six years with Ben's resolute commitment to kids and teachers. I have witnessed his productive work alongside students, teachers, administrators, and parents; he understands the public education system at many levels, it is in his DNA. Looking forward, his thoughtful plan for bringing California's top college graduates into classroom teaching through carefully structured financial incentives will have enduring positive impacts on student achievement and invigorate the teaching profession in California. Finally, his handling of the Malibu situation has validated my confidence in Ben; he demonstrated a keen grasp of the science issues, deployed only evidence based arguments, and remained tectonically diligent throughout. These are traits that we need in Sacramento.”

-Kurt Holland, Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District Science Teacher*

“The only certain vote I have right now is for Ben Allen, for our State Senator. I’ve spent some time chatting with him over the past year and he impresses me with his intelligence, enthusiasm, unaffected genuineness and commitment to good causes. He’s a local boy, still serving on our school board (since 2008), and his list of credentials is impressive. UC Regent, UCLA Law School lecturer, judicial clerk for UN Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, and taught kindergarten and third grade. Harvard magna cum laude in History, Cambridge masters in Latin American Studies (fluent Spanish), Berkeley JD in law and politics of the CA school finance system. His commitment to education and the environment seems unassailable and written in real work, and I feel we here would be well served in Sacramento by his knowledge, experience and abilities. Everyone I know whose opinion I respect loves this guy. He wants to keep working his tail off for us, in Sacramento. I say, hire him..”

-Charles Andrews, Columnist