Ben Allen Receives 100% Score from CALPIRG

When consumers are cheated, when our public health is threatened, or powerful interests have more say than ordinary people, our job is to stand up for the public interest. We’re funded by tens of thousands of supporters, from across the political spectrum, which allows us to be independent and focus on doing what’s best for the public. This scorecard grades legislators on their votes on a dozen significant legislative bills CALPIRG supported this year.

Most legislative proposals we work on are big enough ideas that they take at least a couple of years to build enough public support to pass. Almost every bill we work on has to overcome staunch opposition from an industry that is used to a status quo way of doing business.

Six of the scored bills were enacted into law in 2017. For example, thanks to SB 258, the chemical industry will for the first time have to prominently disclose the toxic chemicals they put in cleaning products. Thanks to SB 17, the prescription drug industry will no longer be able to enact big price hikes on medicine without giving purchasers two months’ notice to search for cheaper drugs. And thanks to AB 249, the California Disclose Act, political ads for ballot measures will much more clearly identify their biggest donors so that voters can consider the messenger along with the message.

Download the CALPIRG Report Card